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Nonprofit Newsletter: What is it & How to Create one in Minutes!

When you’re running a nonprofit organization, running a newsletter could be one of the key components of your social media strategy. After all, newsletters are probably one of the best ways for you to build rapport with the people who support your cause. Newsletters help you build connections with your audience.

More than that, when you send out newsletters related to your field of work, you also end up establishing yourself as experts within the field. What’s more? With expertise comes a lot of trust, which can be great for you in the longer run. Why? The more people trust your organization, the more are the chances of them wanting to associate with you.

What does that translate into?

It directly translates into people wanting to volunteer for your organization, donate to you, or even help you garner new support within your community.

With so many benefits pouring in for your organization, we don’t think it’s an opportunity you’d like to miss out on!

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So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the basics of what nonprofit newsletters are in the first place, and then take a look at the world’s most powerful tool for creating a newsletter!

Read on!

What is a Nonprofit Newsletter?

In the simplest of words, a nonprofit newsletter is a newsletter that is sent out by a nonprofit organization to engage their volunteers, donors and prospective donors in their cause.

The primary goal of creating a nonprofit newsletter is to educate and convert subscribers into volunteers and donors by regularly engaging them with news, updates, and calls-to-action. The idea is to increase traffic to your website, and also improve engagement so that you can garner more support and also, publicize your cause.

Still not convinced about whether or not nonprofit newsletters are good for you?

We’ll have you convinced!

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Benefits of Creating a Nonprofit Newsletter

Although we’ve already talked about some of the reasons why you should be investing your time and resources in the creation of a nonprofit newsletter, let’s take a look at the benefits of creating a nonprofit newsletter in detail…

1. Sustain Relationships 

Maintaining and sustaining relationships is one of the top priorities of a nonprofit organization. After all, it’s how you generate and maintain loyalty.

One of the rookie mistakes that you can make as a nonprofit organization is that you only reach out to supporters when you’re seeking help. If you only reach out to your supporters when you’re in dire need of their help or if you give them irrelevant information, you’ll likely end up in the ‘trash’ of their mailbox.

Nonprofit newsletters can be a very effective way for you to maintain and sustain relationships with your donors, volunteers, and advocates! Believe it or not, donors like to receive regular updates from the charities they support! The key is to send out newsletters with relevant and valuable content and you’re good to go!

2. Share Informative Content

When you’re a nonprofit serving a community or a cause for a very long time, chances are that you know a lot about the cause already. You might even be sharing the knowledge that you have in the form of blogs, white papers, and other publications.

Nonprofit newsletters can act as the perfect strategy for you to educate those interested in your cause, giving them the knowledge that they need to be a more informed supporter of your nonprofit organization.

Even in the worst case that they’re neither a volunteer nor a donor, giving our informative content increases the likelihood of them becoming a more engaged supporter for your cause!

3. Promote Events and Opportunities

For your supporters who have indicated that they are interested in hearing from your nonprofit about the upcoming events, nonprofit newsletters can be the perfect way to spread the word about what’s coming up!

A charity drive organised by ngo volunteers

It’s very unlikely that your supporters will regularly visit your website to see what’s on your event calendar. But if you send event updates directly to their inbox, there is a better chance that they’ll know about an upcoming event and even get involved.

Moreover, for those who are interested in volunteering for your nonprofit, a nonprofit newsletter is a great way for you to promote volunteer opportunities. A lot of young people are interested in finding out about volunteering opportunities at nonprofit organizations. This could be the perfect way to get them on board with your cause!

4. Newsletters are Easy to Share!

Just like social media, nonprofit newsletters that are sent on emails are easy to send and share! It allows your supporters to spread the word about your nonprofit and the kind of work you’re doing. What’s more? People are far more receptive to things that are suggested to them by a friend or a family member.

This increases the likelihood of you gaining more supporters for your cause!

5. Share Your Nonprofit’s Accomplishments

A lot of people get involved with your nonprofit organization because they care about your achievements and accomplishments as an organization. They wish to see you help the community and fulfill your mission.

A nonprofit newsletter is a brilliant way for you to highlight the impact you have had on the community. It is also a way for you to make your supporters feel like they are a part of your success.

A non profit sharing accomplishments via newsletters

This ultimately acts as a great way to build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your supporters, rather than only reaching out to them when you need help with something. It can help you increase the level of investment people in the future of your nonprofit.

6. Appreciating Donors, Volunteers, and Supporters

Recognizing and appreciating those who contribute to the success of your nonprofit can be a very effective way of developing long-term relationships with them!

You can use your nonprofit newsletter as a way to thank those who have helped you in different capacities and even provide details on what their support has meant to your community. Such small gestures can go a long way and have a huge impact on your followers!

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Remember the world’s most powerful tool for creating a newsletter?

Let’s take a look at that! 😉 The Ultimate Tool for Creating Nonprofit Newsletters

Creating a newsletter from scratch?

Don’t even think about it! As a nonprofit, there’s already a ton of work resting on your shoulders. You don’t need a cherry on top by creating a nonprofit newsletter from scratch. The amount of time, effort, and resources that it would take is just not worth it.

That’s where comes into the picture! Tool for creating email newsletters is the fastest nonprofit newsletter generator that is out there! Using, you can easily build & design stunning newsletters for any email service in no-time!

Want to know all the reasons why elink is the perfect fit for your needs?

Let’s dive in!

1. Amazing Designs!

The first and the most primary benefit that elink provides you are the stunning visuals. You can choose from over 50+ beautiful layouts that are modern, sleek, and elegant looking! There’s really no limit when it comes to designing on elink.

You can customize the look and feel of your nonprofit newsletter ranging from the colors to the columns, to fit your brand image and ensure consistency.

Do you want to know something really cool? When you end up customizing your nonprofit newsletter, the click-through rates increase by an average of 14% and conversion rates increase by almost 10% (source).

elink makes that possible for you!

2. Social Media Sharing Buttons

Did you know? Newsletters and emails that have social sharing buttons increase the click-through rate by about 158% (source). That’s a staggering amount, right?

Nonprofit newsletters made using elink come along with social sharing buttons that allow you to share the newsletter on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, etc.

3. Completely Responsive!

A study (source) found that about 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. What does that mean? It simply means that your nonprofit newsletter needs to be optimized for practically any device which is out there!

Would you believe us if we told you that all the 50+ layouts that we talked about initially are completely responsive, fit to be viewed on any device? That’s right! Each and everything that you design and create on elink is 100% responsive!

4. Automation

This is arguably the coolest feature of elink! No kidding! Why do you need automation, you may ask? Well, it has been found that when you send out 4 emails in a month as opposed to one, it increases the number of people opening those emails.

A non profit achieving more with automation

Now, we know that it’s probably not feasible for you to create a new newsletter every week with the number of things that you’ve got going on. That’s where automation steps in! Using the Zapier integration, elink even takes charge of creating newsletters for you so you don’t have to do the hard work.

5. Email Integration

elink gives you the liberty to send your nonprofit newsletter across nearly all third-party email services including Active Campaign, Aweber, Constant Contact, Easy Sendy, GetResponse, Gmail, Intercom, Mailchimp, MailerLite and so many more platforms!

You name it, and we’ve got it!

6. Templates! Templates, and Templates!

Feeling uninspired? You can even choose from several templates that we have to offer to you. Just edit the content according to your needs, and you’re ready to go within a couple of minutes!

Excited about using elink?

We’re excited to have you on board as well!!

Let’s take a look at all the steps of creating a nonprofit newsletter using!

Steps for Creating Nonprofit Newsletters Using

Your stunning nonprofit newsletter is just 6 simple steps away from you. Here goes…

  1. Choose an awesome template – You can either build your nonprofit newsletter from scratch or choose from a range of awesome templates! It really doesn’t matter what your field of work is!
  2. Add links to your newsletter – In the next step, copy and paste the links to the articles and posts that you want to share with your supporters, and elink will automatically make it visually stunning!
  3. Add a header – Once you’ve added your links, add a header, title, and short description to your newsletter.
  4. Choose from over 50+ layouts – Choose from over 50+ different layouts with a different number of columns to suit your design needs and customize the look and feel of your nonprofit newsletter!
  5. Design and customize – You can update the design of your newsletter by changing the color, font size, font style, and call-to-action buttons.
  6. Publish & Export – After you’ve published your newsletter, you can export the newsletter by integrating elink with your Gmail account or using any other third-party email platform. You can even embed the newsletter on your website!

Final Words!

With that, you’re good to go to create your own nonprofit newsletter in no time! With a powerful tool like elink by your side, nonprofit newsletter generation has never been easier. All that you need to do is create an account on elink and we’ll take care of the rest!

Do you have any doubts or queries about elink or nonprofit newsletters? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @elink_io! Best of luck!

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