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9 Squarespace Integrations You Must Know About!

When you want to set up your business online, you create an e-commerce website or an online store. However, we all know that it’s easier said than done.

While the internet may provide you with a number of platforms or website builders to create your own website, optimizing it and updating it according to the needs of your consumers takes a whole new level of effort.

For that, you need to know if there are any additional features or functions that you can add to your website to improve the overall experience of a visitor.

But, what are these additional features? Where can you find them? How do they work? So many questions and we have all the answers right here in this blog!

Here, we will be focusing on Squarespace. So, if you are a Squarespace user or someone looking to start an online store with Squarespace, then this blog is for you!

Are you ready to find out some amazing Squarespace integrations? Then, jump right in!

What is a Squarespace Integration?

First off, let’s try to find out what Squarespace is. Squarespace is an all-in-one platform for website building, blogging, hosting service, and e-commerce. It helps you set up web stores and blogs at the same time, allowing your visitors to buy your products without ever leaving your website.

This platform offers essential features needed for managing an ecommerce business like payment processing, product management, and checkout capabilities. 

Now, let’s look at what integration means.

Integration simply means bringing small components together to function as a single component. In software, it refers to a process where subsystems or small functions/features are brought together to form a bigger, comprehensive system.

This is often done with the aim of improving the quality, value, and performance of a software or application.

So, putting the two together, we can say that Squarespace Integration refers to the collection of third-party tools or features that enhance your Squarespace website.

It can include anything from design-related integrations like Abode Fonts or Google Fonts to marketing-related integrations like Google Ads or Google Analytics.

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Want to know some really cool Squarespace integrations you can use to improve and optimize your website and e-commerce web store? Then, just scroll down right now!

List of 9 Squarespace Integrations

There are hundreds of tools and apps that can integrate with Squarespace. Here are nine of the best Squarespace integrations for your e-commerce site:

1. elink

Elink.io: Squarespace intergration for creating webpages 

Want to make your Squarespace website even more amazing? Then you should definitely consider using elink.io. This nifty tool helps you create and design beautiful and responsive web pages in a matter of seconds. You can then embed the webpage to your Squarespace website with just a few clicks.

elink has already done the hard work for you and offers over 70+ beautiful templates. So, all you need to do is pick a template, add links to articles, etc. that you want to share, and your webpage will be ready! Then, just copy the embed link and paste it wherever you want on your Squarespace website!

The best part? Even after you’ve embedded the page to your Squarespace website, elink allows you to update it in real-time! You can do this via elink’s robust Chrome OR Firefox extension or directly from elink. All in all, elink is simply an amazing integration for your Squarespace website!

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2. Bit.ai

Bit.ai: Squarespace intergration for embedding documents

Ever wondered how you can make your Squarespace websites more robust? Bit.ai is your answer to that question.

In case you don’t know, Bit is a cloud-based document collaboration and communication tool that helps you create and share stunning documents. Bit’s superpower is that you can embed any kind of rich media you can think of in your Bit document – be it PDFs, videos or presentations.

Now, let’s get to the main thing – you can embed the document that you create on Bit into your Squarespace website. For example, you can create a stunning company handbook on Bit, and then embed this document on your company website that you created using Squarespace. How cool is that?

In a nutshell, when you use Bit, the opportunities are endless!

3. Intercom

Intercom: Squarespace intergration for communication

As an e-commerce business, your Squarespace website would be incomplete without a live chat feature. That’s why Intercom is an excellent Squarespace integration because it’s a business messenger that allows you to add live chat and automated chatbots to your website.

With Intercom, you can chat with customers in real-time to answer customer questions immediately and also offer them a chatbot feature that gives a 24/7 customer service.

You can even set up event-based alerts to communicate with your customers whenever they visit your website or abandon their carts. This way you will be able to improve your overall customer experience and build trust with your customers.

4. Google Analytics

Google analytics: Squarespace intergration for analysing data

Squarespace doesn’t count internal traffic when you’re logged in, which is why integrating it with Google Analytics is a great way to track website traffic, digital campaigns, conversions, and overall online store performance. It’s a great Squarespace integration to understand customer behavior and drive more sales.

Details like your order ID, purchase total including shipping, customer’s city, region, and country, product name, etc. get sent to your Google Analytics account each time an order is made on your online store.

With Google Analytics, you can track the number of visitors and recurring visitors, how long they stay on your website, the keywords used by them to get your website, and where traffic is coming from. In addition, it also helps you segment your audience for deeper analysis and track your conversion goals and rates.

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5. Video Block

Video block: Squarespace intergration for embedding videos

If you want your Squarespace website to look attractive and engaging, then Video Blocks is the perfect Squarespace integration for you.

You can use it to embed videos from a third-party host on different areas of your site. This also includes live streaming videos, YouTube, or Vimeo videos which you can easily upload to your webpage.

With Video Blocks, you can insert a video in the background of your website page or add animated gifs that automatically loop without sound. This will helps your site load faster, enable visitors to share your videos, and make your site more attractive and engaging.

6. Adobe Fonts

Adobe fonts: Squarespace intergration for adding fonts to the website

The font of your website influences how people perceive your brand and your e-commerce store. That’s why Abode Fonts is an amazing Squarespace integration that will make your website appear beautiful without the help of a designer or developer.

With Abode Font, you can change the font style, size, color, and spacing throughout your entire website. It even offers over 1,000 different fonts from which you can choose your favorite ones.

Abode Fonts makes it extremely easy to install your favorite fonts and automatically updates your website pages. What’s more? It is licensed and cleared for commercial and personal use, which means you don’t have to spend money from your pocket.

7. Share Button

Share button: Squarespace intergration for adding social sharing buttons to website

Share buttons are extremely crucial if you have an e-commerce website. That’s why they make an excellent Squarespace integration. You can add share buttons to your products or events or blog posts so that visitors can share your content on social media and other websites.

These social sharing tools and integrations help you share new content to your social media accounts in real-time, place social media content directly into your site, or even link your blog posts or purchasable products to your social accounts. This will expand your audience and drive more traffic to your website.

8. Hotjar

Hotjar: Squarespace intergration for analysing traffic data

Hotjar is another excellent Squarespace integration that helps you track your users and your entire website and gives insights into the parts of your website where conversions are not happening.

You can use Hotjar’s heatmaps to garner data about where your users are clicking or tapping and check out its scroll maps to see how far your visitors are scrolling on your webpage.

With Hotjar, you can watch recordings of how users are interacting with your website and survey users in real-time using onsite feedback polls, so that you can find valuable data and see where improvements can be made.

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9. Mailchimp

Mailchimp: Squarespace intergration for email marketing of your website

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms for e-commerce businesses. So, by integrating Mailchimp with your Squarespace website, you can easily manage your email campaigns, create landing pages and popups, build and expand your subscription list, and do lots more.

Mailchimp provides you with high-quality email templates, that are even designed for your mobiles, to help your online store stand out. It allows you to import or code your own designs.

With Mailchimp, you can set up and track ads for both Google and Facebook, and further use it to segment your audiences and improve targeting. It also comes with A/B testing capabilities to show what converts better for your site.

10. Wiremo

Wiremo: Squarespace intergration for customer review

When you have an e-commerce website, the best way to build a positive online reputation is to collect and display your positive reviews and comments. This is exactly what Wiremo does for you. It is a great Squarespace integration that easily collects customer reviews and publicly shows them off on your website while saving time.

With Wiremo, you can get insightful feedback that can be used to improve your products, customer service, shipping, etc. It also displays your reviews on Google Search results with its integrated SEO functionality and helps improve conversions.

Wiremo collects user-generated content from customers to use in your reviews and marketing campaigns. You can automatically send customers review requests in an email or a landing page using Wiremo and also create rewards programs to gift your customers.

11. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Amp: Squarespace intergration for faster mobile pages

Most people are browsing for products on their mobile phones, that why Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs are excellent Squarespace integrations for your e-commerce site.

It helps create lighter versions of your Squarespace pages to help them load faster on a mobile device and also appear on Google search results with thumbnail images and headlines.

AMPs provides simplified designs with improved readability on mobiles. It readjusts the page margins, displays your texts in a standardized font, changes the order of your blocks, etc. This gives your visitors the best visual experience, even while browsing on their phones.


… and that’s how you make your website irresistible! With all these Squarespace integrations, you can optimize and improve your website performance.

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In the process, you get to improve your conversion rates, build better customer relationships, and provide quick and affordable services. It’s a recipe for a fantastic e-commerce business venture!

Now log in and get your Squarespace integrations right away!

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