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7 Awesome School Newsletter Templates!

Running a school isn’t an easy job, that’s for sure.

The amount of administrative work that is required in the maintenance of a school is tremendous, from managing the students and staff to organizing schedules and resources, there’s a ton that needs to get done.

One of the many roles and responsibilities that lie upon a school management’s shoulders is to maintain healthy communication with the parents.

Why? Well, researchers have found that students perform better when consistent, open communication exists between schools and parents.

As school management, you need to continuously come up with innovative ways to keep the parents engaged in the activities that are happening in and around the school. This helps you foster a close-knit school community, which is beneficial for your school in the longer-run.

How do you do that?

Although there’s a ton of ways in which you can communicate with the parents, like parent-teacher conferences, websites, phone calls, etc., the most innovative way in which you can indulge the parents and engage them is — SCHOOL NEWSLETTERS!

They’re visual, and informative, which is probably one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention!

Want to know more about them?

Read on!

What is a School Newsletter?

Kicking off from the very basics, a school newsletter is a method through which schools keep parents, students, staff members, and the rest of the community informed about school events, news, and other issues.

There’s no single way of making school newsletters — they can be simple or complex, short or lengthy, it really doesn’t matter as long as the information is informative.

Making school newsletters from scratch can be a complex task, from designing the elements to creating invigorating content. It would take up a lot of time and resources to do that and it’s not a very efficient way of doing things.

elink middle image

That’s where school newsletter templates come into the picture!

Want to know why using templates is a better option than making a newsletter from scratch?

Read on!

Why are Templates the Best Way to Create School Newsletters?

Here are all the reasons why using templates is the best way for you to create school newsletters…

1. Increased Flexibility

Using templates for creating school newsletters increases flexibility. What does that mean? It means that templates are easy to update, and they provide a consistent design.

2. Easy to Use!

Template libraries give you the option to choose from a diverse range of templates that have preconfigured interactions, saving you from the effort of programming or configuring anything.

It basically empowers you by giving you more choices and much more independence!

3. Reduced Rework!

Using school newsletter templates means that you don’t have to spend time building or creating newsletters from scratch every time. You can easily use the templates that you need according to topic or occasion, and use them over and over again!

4. Reduced Development Time

School newsletter templates allow you to produce a newsletter in a small amount of time that it would take otherwise to traditionally make a newsletter.

Templates can be your savior whenever you need to send a newsletter out quickly or update the content on an already published newsletter.

5. Lets you focus on content

The best part about using newsletter templates is that you can just focus on the information and content of the newsletter and the design part is handled by the template provider!

6. Get Inspired!

When you’re using school newsletter templates, you don’t have to spend time thinking about the placement of the different elements or content. You can just organize everything according to the template of your choice.

7. Reduced Scope of Error

Using a pre-existing school newsletter template reduces the scope of error by manifolds. All templates are subjected to several tests on different platforms and conditions to eliminate the possibility of them having some programming bugs.

We’re hoping that we’ve given you enough reasons to use school newsletter templates and are excited to know more about what we’ve got in store for you!

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the full list of school newsletter templates curated specially for you!

List of Curated School Newsletter Templates

Want to know our secret behind creating these awesome school newsletter templates?

Using, you can build and design beautiful newsletters for any email service provider in a couple of minutes. elink is quite possibly the quickest way for you to create a curated email newsletter by just bundling web links.

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome templates that we’ve created using! Here is the list of the best school newsletter templates that you can use to keep your students, their parents, and the faculty updated…

1. Student Project

Student project template

You can easily provide supplementary material on various topics to help your students learn, think, and absorb relevant information in innovative ways. This supplementary material can help students complete their projects!

2. Student Syllabus

Syllabus template for student newsletter

This is a very useful way in which you can curate the syllabus in a single place for both your students and teachers.

3. Project Resources

Project resources template for student newsletter

You can easily provide additional resources to your students while assigning projects to them. This way your students don’t have to waste time over the internet looking for the right resources!

4. Class Resources

Resources template for student newsletter

This helps you provide resources to your students like reading material, literature, and weblinks for an upcoming class test or assessment.

5. Books to Read

Books to read template for student newsletter

Want to make your classroom more fun? You can simply share book recommendations with your peers and students for their reading assignments.

6. Curated Research

Curated research template for student newsletter

You can keep the faculty and students updated on the recent development happening around the scientific world.

How to Use These Templates? (Steps)

Have an eye on a template to use for your next newsletter?


Now, let’s have a look at all the steps of creating a newsletter using these templates!

Step 1. Choose a Newsletter Template

Preview of student newsletter templates

The first step is to pick out the newsletter template of your choice. We’ve done the design work for you by creating stunning templates, all you need to do is pick!

Step 2. Add Links to the Newsletter

Preview of adding links to student newsletter

The next step is to add links to your newsletter. You can copy and paste links to the articles, podcasts, music, videos, or any other source that you wish to share with your students, parents, or faculty members.

elink will automatically generate an image, a title, and a very short descriptive text regarding each link. You can even edit those titles and descriptions to change the look and feel of your content.

Step 3. Add a Header

Preview of adding a header to newsletter

Add a header image, a title, and a short description to your newsletter!

Step 4. Choose from Over 30+ Layouts

Preview of layouts available for student newsletter template

You can even choose from over 30+ layouts to suit your design needs and add a personal touch to your content.

Step 5. Design and Customize!

Preview of customization options available

Add your own design elements to the content that you’re creating. You can change the color, font, font style, to make your school newsletter more personalized.

Step 6. Publish and Export!

Preview of sharing link

After you’re through with the design, publish the content, and export it to anywhere that you’d like. You can email the newsletter to the parents and faculty or you could even embed the newsletter on your school website!

Preview of sharing options available for student newsletter

The possibilities are endless with Elink!

Final Words!

There you have it, folks! Some of the best school newsletter templates that you can use for communicating with your students, their parents, and the faculty of your school!

These newsletter templates are completely responsive and extremely flexible so you really don’t have to care about a thing except for the design of the newsletter! It’s a cakewalk! Making a school newsletter was never this easy!

Don’t believe us? Try and get starstruck!

Do you have any doubts on how to use school newsletter templates? Feel free to reach to us on Twitter at @elink_io. We’d be happy to help!

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