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7 Content Generator Tools Every Marketer Need in 2022!

Looking for ways to generate content faster without compromising on quality? We have curated a list of the best content generator tools for you! Read on…

Content has become the cornerstone for brands to spread awareness online. Consumer behavior has moved towards being more “research-based” as a staggering 81% of consumers go online for research before heading out to the store and a whopping 97% of consumers turn to a search engine when they are buying a product.

Having content in place to guide customers towards a sale is a must-have for brands with an online presence. However, creating content on a regular basis and staying on customers’ top of minds is not easy.

This is why we decided to uncover some of the best content generator tools out there to help you create content easily and quickly. 

But before we dive into our awesome list of content generator tools, let us first understand the importance of creating quality content for your business and the most common challenges faced by brands in doing so. Read on…

Why Generating & Publishing Content Regularly is Crucial for Businesses?

Without content, the internet would cease to exist. Everywhere you look, you will find amazing content on the internet- Blog posts, articles, listicles, infographics, videos, images, GIFs, podcasts, and more.

Businesses have quickly realized that in order to stand out on the internet and generate brand awareness that sticks, they need to produce quality content and do so on a consistent basis. 

Marketers creating content

Forming the foundation of what came to be known as content marketing, brands are utilizing the power of blog posts, videos, memes, and more to create a buzz around their products and provide helpful and informative content to people with the intention of converting them into customers.

This content, however, is not limited to Google and other search engines. Generating fun and engaging content for social media also plays an immense role in spreading brand awareness. Take a look at these amazing stats: 

As you can see from the above statistics, content generation is one of the key priorities of marketers and businesses these days. Although it is important, content generation is not easy…

Most Common Challenges with Content Generation 

Creating worthy content to help prospects and convert them into buying customers sounds great until you actually have to do the work.

Any veteran marketer will tell you that the most important aspect of content marketing is consistency. However, creating quality content that converts requires a ton of time, effort, and energy.  

The biggest social network for professionals, Linkedin, did a study to find out the most common challenges faced by content marketers.

elink middle image

The two most common challenges as reported by most marketers were a lack of time and bandwidth to create enough content, and the ability to produce enough content in variety and volume.

The study clearly states that most businesses don’t have the time, money, resources, labor, or creative energy to publish content on a regular basis.

If you have a small team or a one-man operation, generating quality content daily can be tiring and mentally and physically exhaustive. 

Don’t worry though, we got you covered. We have searched the corners of the internet to present you with some amazing content generator tools that will help you create amazing content in no time! 

List of Content Generator Tools:

Statistics suggest that over 60%  of marketers find it hard to produce content consistently while 64% of them want to learn how to build a better content strategy.

From brainstorming, writing, and editing to publishing, distributing, and analyzing- creating content is no joke. 

However, there are a lot of amazing content generator tools out there that can help you dish out awesome content in no time.

If you want help with your content creation and want to stand out from the noise, the following content generator tools will surely help!

1. Content generator tool

There are over 2 billion websites in the world. That’s right, you are competing with over a billion websites for customer attention!

If you don’t publish content daily, your readers are probably going to go somewhere else on the internet. To keep them hooked, marketers use content curation platforms like elink!

A content generating machine, helps marketers and content creators publish email newsletters, web pages, and embed web content by just adding web links! Simply add web links to a template and elink will automatically convert them into a visual board that you can embed on your website.

You can add any type of content- articles, videos, music, podcasts, cloud files- basically anything on the web with a link! Keep your website roaring with fresh new content daily with this awesome little tool. 

Once your content has been added to your website, you can use elink’s Browser Extensions and save and update interesting content on your website. The best part is that as soon as you save the piece of content to your elink embed, it will reflect on your blog/website instantly! 

elink’s powerful features include automating content updates through an inbuilt RSS Feed Reader, Zapier integrations, and much more! Imagine having your website crank away with interesting updated content while you sleep.

Aside from automating content publishing on your blog/website, use elink to share awe-inspiring social media pages as well as create beautiful email newsletters in less than 5 minutes! The tool is loaded with amazing features and is a must-have for every content marketer. 

Key Features of elink:

  • 50+ beautiful and responsive layouts, so you never have to worry about design again.
  • Manage all your weblinks via elink’s robust bookmark manager.
  • elink collections can be published as an HTML email newsletter, single web page, or embedded on your website.
  • Quick, easy, and fun to use!


  • Free with limited functionality
  • Affordable Paid plans: Pro Monthly ($15/month), Pro 1 Year ($12/month), Pro 2 year ($10/month).

You can also watch this video to learn how elink helps with automation:

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest: Content generator tool

A keyword generator by marketing veteran Neil Patel, Ubersuggest wants to win at SEO by providing you keywords to write content around.

Ubersuggest is a great tool as it streamlines your content generation strategy and gives you a sneak peek into your competitor’s tactics.

With domain overview, you can reverse engineer your competitor’s content marketing, SEO, social media marketing strategy, and make informed decisions. 

If you often find yourself writing content that no one reads, check out Ubersuggest’s top SEO pages report. The reports help you discover which of your competitor’s pages are ranking for popular organic keyword phrases and which ones are loved by social media sites like Facebook.

Also, with its free keyword suggestion tool, you can get keyword suggestions, their search volume, metrics around how competitive the keyword is, and even seasonal trends for each keyword.

Key Features of Ubersuggest:

  • Get content ideas by searching top-performing content pieces for any given keyword.
  • Get crucial backlink data for SEO
  • Keyword suggestions, top pages, search volume, competition, and more. 


  • Free with limited functionality
  • Paid plans start at: Individual ($12/month), Business ($20/month), Enterprise/Agency ($40/month).

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3. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Blog ideas generator: Content generator tool

Struggling to come up with content ideas? Try out Hubspot’s blog topic generator tool. This amazing tool will present you with 5 amazing blog ideas in seconds.

Simply enter any keyword into the search box and hit enter. HubSpot will automatically generate 5 topics you can write a blog post on using that keyword. 

If you want to generate more than 5 blog post ideas, you need to enter your company info and give Hubspot your email address and other personal info to unlock more blog post ideas. We know that 5 ideas are not much but its a great starting point. 

Key Features of Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator:

  • Get 5 blog topics quickly 
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Use up to 5 keywords to generate topic ideas. 


  • Free

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4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo: Content generator tool

The next content generator on our list is Buzzsumo. It takes your content marketing up a notch by equipping you with amazing tools. Buzzsumo provides a deep insight into trending content and what content performs best online.

With its keyword tool, anyone can generate thousands of content ideas based on historical data. Check out the cost per click (CPC) associated with any keyword, understand monthly search volume, search trends, and keyword seasonality, and get data into influencer marketing and social shares.

With a database of over 5 billion articles, Buzzsdumo gives you insights into exactly what people like to read online and helps you craft your content strategy accordingly.

Identify top-performing formats, carry out competitive benchmarking, and compare trends. See what content works on Facebook and other social platforms and quickly export this data to Excel for future use. 

With Buzzsumo, you can also find out quality influencers to work with and promote your brand. With millions of influencer profiles, quickly see the engagement metrics, influencers your competitors are using, and filter out influencers based on language or niche.

All in all, Buzzsumo is a great platform to help guide your content marketing tactics and help you create engaging content.

Key Features of Buzzsumo:

  • Monitor competitors, trends, brand mentions, updates
  • Get influencer outreach data for campaigns
  • Find keywords and articles that rank and get social shares to mold your content strategy accordingly.


  • Free with limited functionality
  • Paid plans start at: Pro($99/month), Plus ($179/month), Large ($299/month), Enterprise ($499+/month).

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5. Google Trends

Google trends: Content generator tool

Next up on our list of awesome content generator tools is Google Trends. Google Trends analyzes the popularity of keywords in Google Search across different regions and languages.

It then presents this data using the graph for everyone to understand. If you want to conduct market research, jump on trends to create content, or get keyword ideas, Google Trend is a nice tool to have in your marketing arsenal. 

You can also compare several keywords and search by time period, categories, demographics, and type of search including YouTube & Google Images.

Whether you are conducting competitive research, keep an eye out on new topics making waves amongst your target audience, or need validation for your new idea, Google Trends is the perfect tool. 

Key Features of Google Trends:

  • Free to use
  • Find trends and create content before your competitors
  • Search by region, demographic, and more. 


  • Free

6. Portent Content Idea Generator

Potent content idea generator: Content generator tool

As the name suggests, Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a tool that helps you generate ideas for your next content. Simply add your keywords and click enter and Portent will generate a content idea for you.

Click the refresh button to keep generating new ideas if you are not satisfied with your result. For best results, Portent suggests you not capitalize on your keyword and use a singular version of your keyword.

Apart from content ideas, Portent also provides a potent list of SEO tools and other content strategy exercises to plan your content marketing activities. 

Key Features of Portent Content Idea Generator:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Generate as many ideas as you want
  • Other exercises and tools to help your content marketing


  • Free

7. Lumen5

Lumen 5: Content generator tool

The last tool on our list of content generators is Lumen5. If you need help with creating engaging videos for social media or your YouTube or Vimeo channel, Lumen5 is there to help.

Lumen5 is an amazing tool that automatically creates a video right from your existing blog post. Just add a link to your article or blog post and Lumen5 will magically retrieve your content and populate the storyboard with awesome visuals. Your video will be ready in minutes! 

Use hundreds of stock videos, add your brand logo or color scheme, include some peppy background music, and voila, your video is ready to be shared with the world!

Key Features of Lumen5: 

  • Convert blog posts into videos for social media or YouTube
  • Library of stock videos, images, music, etc
  • One of the easiest video creator tool out there


  • Forever free plan that allows you to create 5 videos a month
  • Paid Plan starts from: Starter (19/month), Premium($49/month), Business (149/month), Enterprise (contact sales)

Over to you!

So there you have it folks, our list of awesome content generator tools. Content generation can be tough, especially if you lack the time and resources to put out quality content consistently.

However, using the tools we mentioned above, you are going to have absolutely no problem coming up with new content ideas and publishing awesome content daily!

Is there a content generator tool that we missed? Do let us know by tweeting us @elink_io. Good luck! 

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