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Top 17 Marketing Blogs & Websites You Need To Bookmark!

Many industries are moving at a moderate pace, and they’re using books and magazines as valuable sources to learn strategies, methods, and trends in their industry.

But, that’s not the case with the digital marketing industry. From innovative advertising channels to Google algorithm improvements, changes, and advances in the digital marketing business happen at such a quick pace, that the details you read once a month get obsolete the next.

One of the easiest ways to stay up to date with news and trends in the digital marketing environment is via marketing websites and their good quality blogs. 

With thousands of digital marketing blogs to choose from, it can be an extremely time-consuming task to sort out useful information from the lot. So, we have curated a list of 17 blogs that you can surely bookmark.

List of Top 17 Marketing Blogs & Websites

1. Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner, as its name suggests, is all about social media. You can find comprehensive and actionable guides about well-known social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and smaller ones like Reddit, Pinterest, and Slideshare.

The Social Media Examiner contains how-to guides, conversations with marketing professionals and leaders, data-driven posts, business analysis, social media trends, news, updates, and even podcasts and videos.

An annual Social Media Marketing Industry Survey with data from over 5,000 advertisers is also published by Social Media Examiner and is available for free. It is useful for studying how social media marketing outcomes can be improved and streamlined. It is also a great platform for discovering numbers, analysis results, and developments in the market.

2. Buffer

Buffer is for social media marketing professionals. Their blog features large, bold photos that are easy for social network sharing. Besides taking deep dives into data as required, they keep their content clear and witty.

Their blog posts often analyze big corporations to break down what they do best and inputs about where they can improve. This way, everyone can take the data nuggets and add them to their own plan.

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3. Moz

Moz is all about search engine optimization. The blog publishes a combination of user-generated SEO content on its subcategory, YouMoz.

Moz is one of the SEO tech industry’s oldest businesses, and its blog is filled with actionable SEO tips. It is a fantastic platform for improving your SEO approach and staying up to date with the latest trends in the field of search engine optimization, including “how-to” tips for beginners to link building and on-page optimization guidance for SEO experts.

If you need a weekly SEO update, do check out the video content from Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, where they explore a different area of online marketing every Friday.

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The blog offers the latest Google algorithm changes, connection building techniques, and other white hat SEO stuff, which makes it super useful for staying up to date.

4. Backlinko

Recently branched out into on-page SEO, Backlinko began its life as a blog 100% based on creating backlinks. SEO whiz Brian Dean writes comprehensive articles about how to earn high-value backlinks using the white hat way. He is the one famed for coining the ‘Skyscraper Strategy.’

Backlinko posts a lot of data-driven material, SEO case studies, and helpful guides on a monthly basis. The material addresses off-page SEO in-depth.

Backlinko is a fantastic platform for creating a link building technique that works – whether you are new to SEO or you are a seasoned marketer looking for new ways to create links and improve the rankings on your website. It is super useful for finding successful, tested techniques for bloggers, webmasters, and news outlets to gain links.

5. Ahrefs

The Ahrefs blog is filled with knowledge about the technological side of SEO. Like its new on-page SEO review, Ahrefs’ blog content is comprehensive, data-driven, and enormous in size (which covers more than two million keywords).

Ahrefs publishes actionable guides to link development, viral content creation, keyword testing, and competitor analysis, and normal analysis. On the blog, you’ll find plenty of detailed, informative articles that mix actual SEO data with insights.

One of the greatest benefits of the Ahrefs blog is that the contributors have access to the backlink data index of Ahrefs. This implies that the blog is low on assumptions and hypotheses and heavy on actual data from live websites for on-page and off-page ranking. With lots of data-driven explanations and case studies, it is super helpful for learning about what makes websites score in Google search.

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6. QuickSprout

Neil Patel’s QuickSprout is a marketing blog where you can find guides and tips on digital marketing with an emphasis on attracting traffic. If you read QuickSprout carefully, be assured you’ll never have to deal with low web traffic again. Their best-known post is none other than “The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing.” This guide will be more than enough if you haven’t read much about online marketing.

7. Copyblogger

Are you dealing with branding and copywriting for your content? Copybloggers is the ideal spot for you to be in. The two big guns behind the blog are Brian Clark and Sonia Simone. You will get to know the latest copywriting tricks, manuals, and tactics that will make you a better blogger and copywriter.

“The Ultimate Copy Checklist: 51 Questions to Optimize Every Element of Your Online Copy” is our favorite piece from the Copyblogger website. This post will make you a better copywriter than you are now.

8. Orbit Media

Orbit Media Studios is a web design and production studio that can help with any aspect of the digital footprint of your business. Orbit has a great staff and guest writers giving tips about everything from creating a strategic platform that acts as a sales rate engine to marketing it and monitoring the performance.

Orbit Media’s blog puts emphasis on architecture, UX, and web analytics inside the content marketing community. Led by Andy Crestodina and Amanda Gant, it is a much-needed voice that reminds advertisers of the aspects of their work that go beyond words and content.

For those working as or with content creators in their organization, their annual blogger survey is also a must-read, and it doubles as a case study about the impact of original analysis and data in building authority, connections, and an audience.

9. Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is among the most growing platforms in the digital marketing sector, and the Content Marketing Institute is the perfect platform for keeping up to date with the new research, trends, and industry shifts.

If you’re interested in content marketing, the Content Marketing Institute publishes important benchmarks, studies, and other evidence that is highly useful. It also regularly publishes “how-to” content targeted at organizations trying to enhance their content marketing outcomes.

Content Marketing Institute’s blog is a fantastic source of actionable advice and updates on industry activities if your business uses content for advertising its goods and services – whether through a company, white papers, email list, or some other medium. It is one of the best blogs to learn how to build and develop your strategy for content marketing, as well as how to control its success.

10. Convince and Convert 

Convince and Convert helps you understand how to write, post, and endorse the content that meets clear marketing targets by combining content marketing with conversion optimization.

Convince and Convert also cover subjects such as marketing funnel growth and optimization, guest blogging and influencer marketing, social media, branding and reputation management, etc.

The blog takes an objective approach and insists on using advertising to accomplish clear ROI targets, unlike other content development blogs, which mostly rely on the artistic aspect of creating new content. It is useful for designing a strategy for content marketing that creates actual, quantifiable outcomes such as conversions and leads.

11. Mention

This blog features a search bar and a “most popular” category. This helps in finding what other readers think are the most relevant topics. Mention also displays an approximate reading period under the featured photograph of each article.

A how-to format is always accompanied by posts, making it easy to implement what you read in each blog. Also, posts that are not directly how-to’s have a wrap-up portion that lets you know how to implement what you are reading.

12. eMarketer

Simply put, you are losing out on one of the best marketing blogs available online if you don’t follow eMarketer on a regular basis. It is a place full of observations, records, predictions, and all other kinds of helpful material.

You should definitely head over to eMarketer if you need to figure out the patterns happening in e-commerce, smartphone shopping, social interaction, or B2B marketing.

13. Marie Forleo

As a marketer, there are moments where you need an expert’s inspiration or life-changing guidance. Marie Forleo is just the blog that will help you transform your life with the best ideas and tips. 

The blog also has podcasts, roundups, videos, and webinars that you can use to keep track of the world of internet and content marketing that is constantly evolving.

14. Autopilot

The “Liftoff” blog by Autopilot is very tidy and structured. They have a search bar and they are in the process of making a wonderful marketing automation app where you can visually automate the customer journey. Their visual tips make it easy to prepare and conduct lead guiding and onboarding!

15. Mirasee

Mirasee is a brand that Danny Iny created. Mirasee’s mission is to provide organizations with resources and knowledge that will help them influence their audience and impact the world. This is precisely what you’ll find on their blog too.

It addresses subjects ranging from enterprises to audience involvement, to case studies, to digital marketing, and more. Their best piece is “How to Earn Extra Money: A Six-Figure Revenue in 73 Days?”. The lessons you’ll learn from Mirasee will alter the way you do business.

16. Smarp

Smarp’s employee advocacy blog is an outstanding platform to dive deep into the marketing mentality and promote a community within the company that is committed and aligned.

This blog suggests that when it comes to social media reach and a personal touch, the best possibilities of the business will be opened when your workers are interested, so strengthening employee advocacy and company culture is something that all communications teams should take note of.

Their in-house writers are sharp, while credible guest authors include:

  • Influencer marketing thought leader: Shane Barker
  • Social Media Marketing World host: Ben Beck
  • Former lead editor of the Search Engine Journal: Kelsey Jones
  • Lead nurture specialist: Lilach Bullock

17. Inside Google Ads

This is the official blog of Google Ads that provides news, ideas, and general knowledge about their advertisement network.

They do not publish too much, but you can rely on it as a useful insight when they do. It’s always interesting to read materials from the place where you advertise yourself.

The Bottom Line

Marketing blogs are one of the best ways to obtain useful perspectives and continuous knowledge, and there is no reason not to read them—especially now that you know which ones to start with!

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You will become the internal marketing polyglot of your company, a master of all SEO, CRO, and marketing analytics tips, as you improve your own skills.

Isn’t that awesome?

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