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Content Curation Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind!

The mention of the word ‘curation’ brings a lot of cool breeze in!

Think of an art museum where the best art from all over the world is kept in a place to awe people.

You can find art pieces from Russia, India, Italy, Cyprus, etc – all under one roof.

In a similar way, content curation is about bringing the best content around a topic from various e-platforms to a single place. That way, you can share the content you think is relevant for your audience and keep them engaged!

Work done easy, right?

So if you have budget constraints and less time – you know exactly what to do!

Content curation!

This strategy can help you fill the gaps in your content in terms of quality, quantity, and relevance.

Not only this, but it’ll also help you interact more with your audience and improve your bond with them. People will see your platform as a resourceful and thoughtful space where they can get all the important and relevant stuff!

So, break the monotony of writing piles of content by curating content! Be an expert sharing wise words on your blogs, and cool resources in a way that makes your audience appreciate and enjoy your presence online.

The perks of curating content are many and for every domain!

If you are a marketer, then content curation helps you build brand awareness and helps you maximize your efforts in minimum time.

If you are an educator, then make sure you reduce the tension of your students by delivering the best reading material to your students, simply by curating!

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If you’re a health blogger, curate engaging content on topics related to health for your followers and keep them interested.

Thus, there is hardly any field you can’t add content curation’s magic to!

Let’s bring in some facts and take a look at statistics to confirm the bright position of content curation in the world.


Read right away…

8 Content Curation Statistics:

Stat 1: 49% of B2B marketers agree that content creation has stagnated the efforts of content marketing! (Source)

Content is the soul of any business. Then why half of the B2B marketers demean content creation?

Well, no matter how important creating content is for business, it takes a lot of time to write content from the scratch! Where the hell would you get so much time from, when you’re already busy with growing your business?

What if we tell you that there is a solution to this problem?

…and it is none other than content curation.

Pheww, what a time savior!

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Stat 2: 55% of marketers have small teams for developing their own content. (Source)

Most businesses when they don’t have the budget to hire new employees!

Writing 3-4 blogs per week is not sufficient in today’s time. And if you don’t have the workforce, it just adds to the misery.

So what’s the option?

Stop creating content?

Hell no!

Content curation can help you address this problem. All you have to do is find and share the best sources available on the internet, compile them, and share it with your audience.

Say yes to content curation and boost your efficiency!

Stat 3: 85% of the B2B content marketers give credit to content curation for their organizations’ success. (Source)

By sharing other people’s content, business parties achieve enhanced visibility and improved customer engagement.

And content curation plays an immense role in contributing to these achievements!

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Stat 4: In a survey, 25% of the marketers believe content curations helps in filling gaps in knowledge. (Source)

Yuuhuu! Isn’t that just amazing?

Now you can curate content without having to immerse yourself in the tiring task of researching and learning about a thing from the scratch!

What a relief!

Stat 5: 60% of the B2B marketers believe that content curation helps in producing engaging content. (Source)

Sharing boring content can easily drive away the audience.

However, content curation will help you share the best and the most relevant content with your audience, making sure that they stay hooked to your website,

Stat 6: A study says that 57% of marketers feel that content curation is the best way to produce content continuously. (Source)

Do you feel sick of writing content from the scratch?

Don’t worry!

Increase the frequency of publishing your content through content curation.

Pool the best sources on the internet that resonate with your audience.

Give credits and publish your brand new content in minutes!

Stat 7: 35% of marketers believe that if you are suffering from budget constraints, opt for content curation! (Source)

You need no extra titbits to produce content with content curation. Say hello to this amazing strategy and forget all your budget worries!

Isn’t that amazing?

Stat 8: 35% of marketers say that content curation helps them incorporate a variety of content into one platform. (Source)

Creating dynamic content is a headache.

Go easy on yourself and try curating content.

Pull out a variety of information from the internet, add a little spice to it and the world is yours!


There you go, fellas!

In this blog post, we have given you all the stats you need to get convinced that content curation is the smartest way to take your content marketing game to the next level.

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The tool offers over 50 pre-built templates, which means that you don’t have to think about the design aspect and you can focus on searching for the best content for your audience.

An amazing all-in-one content curation & marketing tool, makes the entire process of creating beautiful engaging content a breeze.

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