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8 Resource Page Examples for Websites (& How to Create Your Own?)

Looking for resource page examples to get some inspiration for your website? No worries, as we have curated a list of best resource pages for you. Read on…

Sharing relevant information is recognized as one of the biggest success factors for any digital organization! As much as it helps users to solve their problems and support decision making, it also equips websites or blogs with enough knowledge to engage new users!

One creative way to share and organize this knowledge all in one place is by creating a beautiful resource page for your website!

Almost every website you visit today has some kind of page set up solely dedicated to a list of recommended tools, resources, links, articles, or any other information that is relevant to the niche of that website. These Resource pages work as a library of useful content distributed across other websites, blogs, or pages and play a significant role in providing value to readers and increasing conversions.

 A marketer creating a resource page

In fact, engaging users and leading them to a resource page on your site helps in reducing the bounce rate on the website, eventually leading to more conversions! These resource pages have the potential to become one of the most visited pages on a website!

However, creating, and updating one can be a daunting task! Well, worry not! We are here to inspire you with some highly-responsive and aesthetically-pleasing resource page templates that will turn your website into a knowledge hub!

Before we get into these awesome resource pages examples and ready-made templates, first, let’s get done with the “What & Why” section of this post. It’s all very exciting!!

Let’s go.


What is a Resource Page? (Definition)

A resource page is a reference page on your website that the audience can use to find out knowledge resources in your niche, the ones you recommend, and other educational or useful information that generates value for your readers. This page also includes links to relevant articles published on other websites that you recommend your community to check out.

Some marketers call this page a ‘toolbox page‘, or a ‘recommended links page‘.

You can list anything that would help your readers solve any problems they’re having. This includes blog posts, free ebooks, videos, products, etc. you find worth sharing!

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4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Resource Page on Your Website!

By having important information in one place, you make it easier for readers to quickly get an idea about you and what value you can provide! But that’s not it! Resource pages have a lot more to offer.

1. Helps your customers:

Customers visit your website for a reason! Mostly that reason revolves around their need to solve a particular problem or find relevant information.

A business resources page is the best place to share bite-sized, highly-relevant collections of how-to or need-to-know industry information.


2. Works like a social bait:

Both experts and laypeople, love free advice and tips. A resource page is filled with helpful, hand-picked, insider information that acts as a bookmark, link, and social bait! It not only lure visitors but also encourages them to share your content to save time and build value for themselves, as well as, for others.

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3. Drive more traffic to your website:

Speaking of the need for helpful information, some proportion of your website’s visitors arrive through search.

A lady using resource page for traffic on the website

They probably typed keywords into a search engine and your page came up as a search result. Well, website resource pages tend to be rich in keyword density. They open new pathways to the content of your website and can drive more traffic.


4. Make your website sticky:

When visiting your site for the first time, a visitor might find referenced content on your resources page they might not necessarily be searching for, but still, find useful or entertaining. A resource page encourages visitors to stick around, view other pages, or return again later to your website. Therefore, helpful resource pages are sticky.

Now, that you know the importance of a resource page for your website, it’s time to introduce you to some beautiful resource page examples that will provide you with inspiration to create a professional-looking resource page in minutes!

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Top 8 Resource Page Examples with Templates

Let’s explore each of these 8 resource page examples with templates and help you choose the one that fits your needs!

1. Educational Resource Page Example

Whether you own a tech website, educational blog or want to share quality content with your friends and followers, embedding a curated resource page on your website is one of the most valuable ways to increase traffic and create a social bait for you visitors! Take a look at this resource page example.

See Original | Powered by elink

Template in action butoon for resource page example 1

2. Project Resource page

Curating a list of important resources from your project will not only give you an upper edge during evaluation but also play a significant role in spreading awareness. You can roll together all this project information in one place as a project resource page! Here is a project resource page example you can create for your website.

See Original | Powered by elink

Template in action butoon for resource page example 2

3. Classroom Educational Resource

Educators handpick supplemental online information on various topics to help their students learn, think, and absorb relevant information in creative ways. One way to share that information in an engaging manner is through embedding a beautiful classroom news resource page to their website! Here is a classroom news resource page example for you!

See Original | Powered by elink

Template in action butoon for resource page example 3

4. Online Courses

Running an online course website, teaching online, or sharing online courses with students and employees can be a hectic job, so to make online education easier for everyone- creating an online course resource page for your website is the perfect solution! Take a look at this online course page example.

See Original | Powered by elink

Template in action butoon for resource page example 4

5. Recommended Applications

Have your readers make better decisions by giving them the ups and downs of the digital market, your recommended applications, different app insights, etc. by creating a curated recommended applications page for your website. It is a great way to gain credibility by showing your audience all the sources of important application launches and updates. Here is a recommended application page example you can create for your website.

See Original | Powered by elink

Template in action butoon for resource page example 5

6. Book Recommendations

Want to share book recommendations with your peers or reading assignments with your students? We have the ultimate solution for you! Embedding a book recommendation resource page to your website will impress your readers and capture fame! Here is a book recommendation page example for you!

See Original | Powered by elink

Template in action butoon for resource page example 6

7. Training Videos

Training videos are great for effectively getting information across to guide your visitors in case they need help with something. So, take advantage of this video madness and create a curated training videos resource page with the best visual content around a topic, all in one place! Take a look at this training video page example.

See Original | Powered by elink

Template in action butoon for resource page example 7

Well, there you have it, folks, these were the 8 best resource page examples with their templates to help inspire you so that you too can get started with curating your resourceful content and updating it for better conversions!

Before you go, we have an amazing tip for you! Did you know that these resource page examples have been created in minutes with minimal effort using an amazing tool called!


How to Create a Professional Looking Resource Page with elink!

If you do not have access to a developer and are using a content management system to host your website, creating a new resource page can be time-consuming. Imagine adding all those text boxes and images and aligning them in a way that looks professional and visually appealing. Exhausting, right?!

Well, there’s a third option, that will make you say “No way it’s that easy!” A solution called Tool for creating resource pages is one of the fastest content creation tools on the market and it will help you create a resource page for your website in minutes. In addition to the resource page, you can generate content, create press pages, blog roundups, email newsletters, and much more!

With elink, you can create a professional-looking resource page in minutes. Just collect the articles you want to share or resource you found on social media and elink will generate a beautiful resource page. You can then:

  1. Share this resource page as a single web page on your social media channels.
  2. Embed this resource page on your blog or website for the world to see.
  3. You can even send your resource page as an email newsletter to your subscribers!

Yep. Just take your links, put them on our platform and BOOM! You now have your very own, awesome-looking resource page! The best part is you can update your content anytime by using elink’s Chrome Extension or elink’s platform and adding new web links of articles, videos, or posts to your page even after it’s been published!

In addition to changing and updating web links in real-time, elink allows you to:

  • Change the primary color of your template
  • Update your heading font style for your template
  • Choose your body font style for your template
  • Update your Call-to-action button text on the template
  • Choose a font that is highly visible and blends in well with your overall website experience.

Checkout our Resource Templates!


Resource pages are the perfect way to help your audience, drive traffic, and make your website sticky! If you have an online presence, creating and maintaining a good looking resource page to organize information is a necessity. The best part is with, everything is easy as pie. Click here to create your free account today. Cheers!

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