How to Create Email Newsletters with Content from the Web

Whether you are planning to use email newsletters to provide weekly updates to clients or use it as a way to build brand awareness for potential customers, makes it quick and simple to build compelling curated email newsletters right from inside your browser. In less than 10 minutes, you can produce email newsletters featuring new trends, the “best of the web” for the week, or a review of new products.

Here is a quick five-step guide to creating curated email newsletters with


STEP 1: Select a layout

Choose the best layouts for your email newsletters

The basic idea behind is that you can create compelling visual content by simply clicking links from around the web to jumpstart your email marketing efforts. Choose between different template layouts to get started. You can choose, for example, a big photo grid with lots of photos, or an email newsletter with thumbnail photos and text descriptions. You’re not stuck with this layout and come back at any time even after it has been published to update it.


STEP 2: Add your online content

How to edit content for email newsletters

By just copy and pasting the URL of a web page, automatically displays an image, title, and description that you can edit. Easily add articles, videos, images and even online documents. To mix it up a bit, you’ll probably want to add a variety of different media sources to each curated newsletter – such as a YouTube video, a blog post, and an Instagram photo. All of this content will then be automatically added to your template. The result is web content that’s fully responsive across any digital device, which means that it just looks great, no matter where it’s viewed.


STEP 3: Add a brief title for the email

How to add headers to email newsletters

The optimal title for an email newsletter is less than ten words, so just go with something short and sweet to ensure the highest possible open rates. Something like “Top tech trends of the month” would work just fine if you’re sending out a brief product marketing newsletter featuring industry reports and reviews of new consumer tech gadgets from tech bloggers. You can also add a brief introductory text snippet if you’d like to introduce the text you just created (e.g. “Check out all the new products available from Apple this season!”). If you’re only using company media assets, this might not be necessary – for example, you could simply send out an email celebrating a recent event with a brief title like “Highlights from our latest industry event in San Francisco” and include YouTube links to videos from the event.


STEP 4: Save the email newsletter in your account

How to publish email newsletters in minutes

Add some search friendly tags to make it easier to track your elink in your dashboard. Choose whether you want your to be search engine friendly and then publish your email newsletter!


STEP 5: Choose your email account and hit send

How to export elink email newsletters

When using elink, you have three email newsletter options – either export it to Gmail, MailChimp or copy the HTML code to any third party email system. Once you’ve made your choice to export, you’ll see an email draft populate with the Gmail or MailChimp newsletter. When you first see this happen, it might seem like magic – especially if you’ve gone through the long, laborious process in the past of coding the HTML for each email. All that remains is to choose your audience and just to hit “send”!

Here’s are two quick videos that show the process from beginning to end:

And, don’t worry — you can go back to edit the newsletter anytime, just in case you decide to update or include additional content. The pro plan for email newsletters is only $15/month and for web-based newsletters it’s free. With such an easy way to create a compelling email newsletter, you’ll see a real boost to your email marketing campaigns while saving a tremendous amount of time and money!

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