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Content Development Guide for 2023- A Must-Read!

The internet is a fascinating place.

Each day, we see so much content being developed, evaluated, praised, and recycled on the internet. 

Honestly speaking, if we tried to sum up the past few years of marketing in a single word, it would be “content.”

The reason? Content development is an excellent way to get people talking about your products, services, and company.

Yes, content development has actually gone from an exciting new marketing concept to an indispensable marketing powerhouse. 

Businesses from any sector could use some content development magic. 

Hospitality? You bet. IT Sector? Certainly. SaaS Company? Loud and clear.

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So in this article, we’ll be discussing what content development is and why it’s important.

Plus, we’ll tell you about a tool that’ll help you develop astounding content audiences will want to engage with.

Every. Single. Time.

Content Development: What Exactly is it?

Simply put, content development is the process of creating content for the web from start to finish. It can be anything – from blog posts to infographics to videos.

The major goal is to keep visitors hooked and make them try out your organization’s product or service.

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Content development is, therefore, a significant part of marketing.

Research, planning, creating, editing, reviewing, publishing, promoting, and reflecting – these are the fundamental building blocks needed for effective content development.


The Importance of Content Development

1. First Impressions Are Everything

Think about the speeches you’ve heard, books you’ve begun, and the articles you’ve read.

The initial few minutes helped you decide whether you want to spend more time listening, viewing, or reading, right?

Content writers developing content for website

Similarly, your website has only seconds to capture interest, and we already know that first impressions are everything.

More often than not, a company’s website is the first thing about that company that a potential customer interacts with.

If users do not immediately like what they see on your company’s website, there is a good chance they will just leave.

So how to pull people to your business’s website? Through strategized and properly executed content.

The better the quality of the content, the more worthwhile it is to your audience.

The outcome? Higher conversion rates, sales, and profits!

Fun fact: B2B marketers who blog generate 67 percent more leads per month than those who don’t, and organizations that align content marketing and sales enjoy 38 percent higher sales.

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2. Build and Nurture a Relationship With Your Customers 

According to Content Marketing Association, 61% of customers are more likely to buy from a company with content marketing.

The point being, customers are more likely to do business with companies they have built trust with, and content development can help you do just that.

Through content development, you can show your customers that you’re not just there to get their money.

You’re there to educate them about your industry and show them that you really care.

By providing content that is valuable to them, you can make your customers feel a stronger connection to your company. (70% of consumers say content marketing makes them feel closer to a company!)

People, if you’re not using content marketing, you may be losing out on a lot of leads.

3. A Game Changer

See, the core of a business revolves around meaning and interpretation, and words are the best way to do this. 

Consistent, high-quality content development is one of those things that can make your business thrive.

It is undoubtedly essential to the success of your efforts and a great way to nurture prospects and leads.

Website content

And, unlike many other marketing strategies like paid ads, content has an incredibly long shelf life. The content you publish today will still be generating traffic and leads a year from now.

How cool is that?

All we’re trying to say is, not incorporating content development in your marketing strategy is very much like trying to drive a car without an engine – it just won’t go anywhere.

Maybe that’s why 56 percent of B2B marketers increased their spending on content development in the last year.

So, What’s Next?

All the stats we mentioned above are probably enough to convince you that content development is not something you can ignore.

But creating original content was seen as a major challenge for 69% of content marketers. (Curata)

There are probably two main reasons for this:

First of all, there are hundreds of distractions. 

Even if writing is your only job, you still have to face distractions like social media and emails.

We mean, when you’re not very motivated, it’s really tempting to open Facebook and waste 30 minutes, or more. (We feel you!)

Secondly, writing new content every day is not easy at all. 

From the time and resources needed to create content to worrying whether the content is even good, content creation is daunting. 

But, what if we tell you that the entire content development process can be made a piece of cake?

All you need is the right tool.

When you have the right tool in hand from the very beginning, there’s no need to hasten or take shortcuts that can wreck even the most awesome content.

Want to know which ‘right tool’ we’re talking about? Read on!

Read more: 20 Company Newsletter Ideas That Will Make Your Newsletter Stand Out – The Best Content Development Platform on The Planet is a content development platform that you need to have in your tool kit regardless of your industry. 

Using elink, you can create and share beautifully curated website content, blog content, social bio links, newsletters, and much more in minutes!

In short, elink is the fastest and most efficient way to share curated content on any topic in a visually appealing, effortless way. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Add links to the content you need to share, like articles, videos, images, etc., and elink will create a stunning webpage for you in minutes! Elink offers over 50 stunning templates, so you never have to worry about design and can just focus on your content.
  • This platform will automatically add a title, description, and image for each link, which can be further customized if you want. You can also change fonts, background colors, text colors, and more with minimal effort!
  • Elink also allows you to update the SEO settings of your content as well. You can edit meta descriptions and keywords to make your content more search engine-friendly.
  • The masterpiece that you created on elink can be shared as a stand-alone web page, embedded into any website, or sent as a responsive newsletter via Gmail, MailChimp, or almost any other email platform.

Wait, there’s more! 

Elink has a powerful RSS reader that allows you to add RSS feeds of the publications you love the most. You can bundle articles directly from the RSS Reader and create stunning content in seconds. 

You can also download elink’s browser extensions and publish content on your website on the go!

Whenever you find something that is ‘share-worthy,’ click on the elink’s extension, and it will allow you to add that link to the top of the embed on your website!

This is by far the fastest way of updating content on your website and keeping your audience hungry for more. 

And, the most amazing feature of them all – Content Automation!

Elink’s robust automation tool does the heavy lifting for you and automates content creation for your websites, newsletters, social media feeds, and more.  

All you have to do is choose sources and add filters in order to make your content more effective and relevant. You can also connect via Zapier and publish your content anywhere.

Final Words

There’s a lot of content floating around the internet.

Some of it is great, and we’re exposed to some of it without choice, like those pop-up advertisements.

But when someone does seek information, they expect that content to be accurate, helpful, and astounding.

So you need to give people exactly that – content that is provocative enough to be memorable.

Content that makes others tell their colleagues, “You have to check this out.

After all, content is what sells products and services, and even Benjamin Franklin knew it. 

A little back story: In 1732, he started publishing Poor Richard’s Almanac. His major goal was to promote his printing business. This strategy was so successful that he essentially became a publisher, selling over 10,000 copies per year. 

All we’re trying to say is, content development is not a process to skimp out on. You can’t just do it once or occasionally. 

You can’t just put it on the shelf like a trophy, and then point to it every time someone talks about your marketing efforts.

You’ve to do it consistently and effectively, and elink helps you do just that! 

By the way, if you’ve any queries, tweet us @elink_io. We’d be happy to help you out.

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